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Customer Support

We offer best free support to all our clients, you can LiveChat, Email or Skype us anytime. Feel free to contact us anytime related to us.

Multi Device

You can use our subscription on many devices but not on same time. If you want to use it on many device > We offer discount :)


We offer discounts to our clients, mostly 1 year and 6 months subscription has already discont active and contact on more purchase.


SoftIPTV Reviews are almost best. The users who used our services left many good reviews to us and on other plateforms.


We are best IPTV Server provider as we have almost no freezing into server (95%). We got stable IPTV streams which are best.

IPTV Reseller

We offer IPTV Reseller solution for resellers of IPTV. We offer complete CMS (Software) for this so you can completely manage it easily


We support all IPTV supported devices including many old and new models. You can also contact us to verify your device.

Fast Zapping

Our IPTV Server comes with the local IPTV streams that means we got great zapping speed which is 0.03sec only :)

Movies On Demand

Soft IPTV Server also comes with VOD/Movies on demand. We have added many countries latest and popular Videos.

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SoftIPTV is providing the best offers for IPTV Resellers. Request Test > Start Today!


Your control panel will be 100% secured and easy to use. You can reset your password anytime, enable disable, monitor users, changing passwords and completely manage your clients.

1 Month 4€, 3 Month 12€, 6 Months 28€ & 1 Year 40€


You will be provided full support by our agents. Email us Now. Ask for test > Order > and start your business with us today. The complete IPTV Reseller solution and support by SoftIPTV.

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SoftIPTV comes with 4000+ HD quality streams, all streams are local sourced. You can simply signup for best iptv provider and wait for email. Order will be completed within 30mins of signup. You can get rid of trial first > Simply signup for iptv trial and check immidiate email with iptv trial details. The SoftIPTV isn't only IPTV Server provider > We are all IPTV > Offering IPTV Resellers, IPTV Restreams and IPTV SUbs for your personal use.

Most Popular Supported Devices

These are some most popular supported devices by us:




All Smart TVs



Samsung (Smart TVs)

Enigma 2 / E2 (E2 Plugin/IPK)

LG (Smart TV)

Android (Boxes & Apps)

MAG (All Devices)

Boxes (Receivers/Others)

Dreambox (All Versions)

Enigma 2 (All Versions)

Web TV List


and so much more...

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