IPTV Restream is an m3u link (single line) allowed multi connections from iptv providers panel to your panel, website or application. We offer restream as cheap as  3 Eur per channel. This is the best price for both starter and old user. We allow to use our restreams to your panel, application or website.


We provide IPTV Restreaming solution for you with stable streams starting from 3 Euro per channel and minimum 100 channels. Prices can be seen bellow.


Starter Package
1 Connection = 3€ For 1 Month
100 to 500 Connections
Premium Package
1 Connection = 2.50€ For 1 Month
501 to 1000 Connection
Bussiness Package
1 Connection = 2€ For 1 Month
1101 to 2000 Connection




IPTV Restreaming Features:

With SoftIPTV Restreaming solution, you can get higly stable IPTV Channels from Local sources. You will be provided All IPTV Restreaming channels but you can only use allowed number of connections, like if you have ordered 100 connections/restream, you will be provided full list but only can use 100 at the time.

You can also request to have some extra channels which are not already in server, we can try to find and add these channels to server asap.