SoftIPTV Refund Request

SoftIPTV Refund Request!

Refund Request Form


Before Send Refund Request

Please read this before sending a refund request.  
  • Refund will only possible in 3 days of purchse.
  • Refund will only be possible after our try to fix your problem first.
  • You must make a retry of problem solution.

  • Refund available For

    The refunds are only available for the personal IPTV users and user must apply for refund in 3 days of purchase otherwise, refund might not be pricessed.

    The Process

    After filling this simple form, please wait sometime. As we verify your creditionals, will reply you ASAP. Remember to add all details correctly.


    Important Note!

    The service isn't available for users in Pakistan. If any line catched being used in Pakistan, will be banned and no Refunds.