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Open up your internet browser and go to https://cms.xtream-codes.com/xcb81ab0/userpanel/index.php

Step 1: Click on Register

To register as Reseller, you need to provide your email only.

Step 2: Provide All information Needed

Step 3: Enter your email on Email section

Step 4: Check captcha and click on register button

When showing up that notification “Your account has been created. Please contact on Our Support Email [email protected] or on Skype and provide your email and username to activate your account”

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Here is URL https://cms.xtream-codes.com/xcb81ab0/index.php for IPTV seller panel. You can log in with reseller IPTV account.

If you don’t have account IPTV reseller you can register There https://cms.xtream-codes.com/xcb81ab0/index.php

When you have Reseller IPTV account. You can start to create trial Links and Premium Subscriptions.

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Click ON Manage Profile After login Into Your Reseller panel

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Create an account in IPTV reseller panel” style=”round” size=”lg”]

First Click On Create A New Line.

Then enter username and password Of your choice or if you don’t put anything it will Create Random Username and password Automatically.

In select package to assign to This line select duration/time of your subscription like 1month,3months,6months,12monthsand 48hrs trial.

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Go To manage Lines.here you will see All created lines by you in your reseller panel. in front of username and password A download Button is present please click on it.

from Ist  A list will be shown select m3u-mpegts from it, in 2nd tab m3u link will be created automatically.

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First click on Extend line then Add username or password of line which you want to Extend.

Select package duration.

click on extend line.

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How to add Mag device in Reseller panel.” style=”round” size=”lg”]
  1. First click on Add New Mag device.
  2. Add mac address of your client mac device.
  3. select package you want to assign to your client.
  4. click on add new mag device.
  5. On your mag device add http://live.softservicex.com:9100/c portal address and reboot it.


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You can make more money with sub-reseller, you can have many sub-reseller

Click on Add Subreseller on the left menu

Then enter information of your reseller

  1. Enter the Username of sub reseller
  2. Enter Password for sub reseller
  3. Enter Email  of sub reseller
  4. Enter credit ( it will use your credit, minus credit in your account)

Assign Packages

You can choice package for your reseller.

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  1. To order credit you have to go to that webpage https://www.softiptv.com/our-services/iptv-reseller2/ and select your credit amount you want to order , then check out with credit card, paypal and cryptocurrency.