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IPTV Reseller

As a IPTV Reseller, you can have an IPTV panel to create the free trial account for your customer, manage unlimited customers and start to selling account for your customer. You won’t need to leave your current job but you will still earn more money.You should buy credits to load your reseller panel when you become our reseller. the minimum amount is 1€ .Reseller account doesn’t depend on time. It means that you buy a reseller account without any expiration date.

Please notice that your credits are the only important thing. you can create accounts for your users with your credits. For instance, creating 1 month account costs you 5 credits. You can sell IPTV service as long as you have credits left. You can buy credit when you run out of credits. 

You love IPTV. And we love that about you.

In fact, we think you’d be a great addition to our community of people who could benefit from using IPTV.There’s a custom panel that lets you manage a hundred — or if you’re really lucky, a thousand — customers with a measly click of a button.

We want to make this hassle-free for you.

Our interface is designed to be the easiest, simplest, customer panel with a credit system that doesn’t force you to scratch your head in confusion.
Listen — we don’t want you to miss on an opportunity to earn from loving, enjoying, showing other people what IPTV sensation can do.So, we ensure that you’re well compensated for what you want to do.
This is your chance to see the back-end of what we do while managing your own set of sales (think of it like you’re building a company) and focusing on what makes your customers happy.

The rest? Leave it to us.

We take care of all set-up requirements and system maintenance, so you wouldn’t have to think about anything beyond what your customer wants, who you can attract, and how much you can earn.

Starting your own reseller account for the first time is relatively easy.
Recommend us to any of your relatives or closest friends.
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Our iptv service works on smart tv and all Android and iOS devices as well as on MAG device and PCs. Our support guides you if you have problems activating your iptv subscription. SOFT IPTV offers you a test before any premium subscription purchase to test and explore our bouquets of channels and movies, series, and manga available on our VOD. If you are sick of iptv cutting all the time opt for Subscription IPTV and you will be 100% satisfied. Iptv subscription.

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For Reseller and RESTREAM please Pay with Skrill, Credit Card (BTC) or PayPal

After sending money fill confirmation form & All done!

  • PayPal Email: Please Contact Us for our updated Paypal Account
  • Bitcoins Address: 14h66KcUBbuqK7WVrMjqc3ADZL4Un7vsnM
  • Skrill Email: Contact us for Updated skrill account

After completing send receipt or screenshot to [email protected] or fill this form with screenshot.